Meet Art by Krysten Baryo

Pictured: 1, Fibers

10 ft x 15 ft Wall Installation


A note from the artist

Welcome to my online portfolio! ArtbyKDB is a continuous digital record of my own original art projects in various different mediums.

My current art  attacks subjects that resist progress towards social justice. I focus on addressing quality of life for women, especially regarding consent, freedom of choice, and attention to society’s repressive attitude surrounding reproductive issues. I hope through my art I encourage others to ask themselves important questions about what they value in relation to the instability of our current socio-political environment. My aim is to challenge my viewers to consider thoroughly what it means to value all people and a community including the differences we all share, consider what it means to fight for reproductive rights in a way that is fueled by more than popular media, and imply potential consequences that arise when the experience of these communities are diminished and brushed aside.  

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Krysten Baryo



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