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Pandemic Inspired Art

Updated: May 5, 2020

In any point in time when history is made, art is found close by to document that happenings surrounding any significant change. In regards to the Pandemic COVID-19 I've found it important to use art as a method for documenting how it feels as an art student going through this time.

Something to note is that not all of the news surrounding the outbreak of the new Coronavirus has been negative, there seems to be a juxtaposition in the way people are viewing how the virus is affecting humans, versus the impact it has had so far on some natural environments that are now getting the chance to exist again temporarily without human involvement.

Something that the outbreak of this pandemic has made us do as a society is reevaluate how we view the word "essential" in regards to what should be accessible in a crisis, who should stay home or go out, and what activities are worth risking exposure to a virus. I wanted to capture this phenomenon within some of my recent projects, with more to come.

*This image was inspired by the works of Shepard Fairey with some of its imagery

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